Alyssa Barlow 


Alyssa Katherine Nicole Barlow (born January 4, 1982) is an American musician and is the bass guitarist and keyboardist for BarlowGirl, a Christian rock band. She also splits lead vocals with her sister Lauren Barlow. The third member of the band is Becca Barlow. They have released five albums together, their most recent being titled Love & War. She along with her sisters was a youth ambassador for the 2007 National Day of Prayer.[1]

Barlow was homeschooled from the fourth grade on.[2]


When Barlow was 17, she was diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), following a sprained ankle. Barlow initially gave up when the doctors told her she would never walk normally again. She credits God for her ultimate recovery[3].



alyssa barlow wrote: Here's a post alyssa made on Soundpost.

I've been reading through these posts and I just wanted to speak about this issue to not only you but everyone who even considers and eating disorder. Let me first say- I have been there too. I also struggled with eating disorders years ago. Let me say- it did "feel good" when I looked in the mirror after throwing up or getting through a day with eating very little, and I saw how much thinner I was becoming. I began to feel better about myself....untill that nagging voice came back that reminded me of the lies that had become my reality- "You are a short fat little girl who will never be beautiful!, You would be beautiful if you were taller and thin like your other friends., You will be happier and more accepted by others when you are beautiful, and maybe people will finally stop making fun of you." I didn't just wake up one day with these thoughts in my head- they started back in grade school (I did go to public school up untill 4th grade when my mom finally began to homeschool me) I was teased all the time by my classmates about my height. I was always short so for some reason the kids had constantly remind me that I just wasn't like everyone else and I was the "reject" for many years. They teased constantly and after a while I began to believe all they would say about me- that I was too short, fat, and ugly. Well, I was homeschooled after that and so I didn't have to go through that any more. However the short jokes continued everywhere I went, and every time someone teased me (even if they were just doing it in a cute, fun way) it would just push all those lies even deeper in me. By the time I hit my teenage years I felt so short and ugly that I just needed to take matters into my own hands. I had to begin to change who I was so people would stop teasing. I knew I could do nothing about the height thing but I could get really thin and I knew that at least being thin was beauty. (or so I saw from the women in the magazines.) I got thinner and thinner and felt really good for a time, untill I began to get honest with myself. I hated who I was, so I was destroying my body to become someone else. The truth was even if I grew 5 inches and weighed 100 lbs- I would still have hated myself, because the truth was it wasn't really about my looks- it was only about me believing lies that the enemy had fed me. I was so upset with God about how He made me. I felt like He must not like me or He would have given me a much better body to live in so I could be accepted by others. I felt so unloved and unlovely for so long that I just wanted so badly to finally be beautiful to someone. I finally realized that no one- Really No One would ever be able to love me enough to really make me feel better about me. I had to be saved by God alone. I just wanted to know it was ok to just be me and be free to live in my skin. To Love how He made me and let others love me just for me. The truth is ladies- it's a heart issue- not a body issue. I'm still trying to learn to love myself- all 5'1 of me :) I won't every be taller, but I need to know that God made me this way for a reason. That He obviously delights in this little 5'1 girl with brown (not beautiful blue) eyes and a bad sense of humor or He wouldn't have made me this way. If we never give Him a chance to show us how He feels for us, and spend our lives killing ourselves to look different so we "feel better"- we will Never be happy and will only live a life in bondage to this search of "Beautiness equaling happiness" I'm sorry this is super long- It's turned into book somehow. I just know that I am so so much more fulfilled and happy now than I have ever been, and I want so badly for the enemy to stop lying to you guys about who you are!! He is a liar and it's our choice of who we believe. Do I still believe those kids from gradeschool or do I believe God when He says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. (1 Samuel 16:7 is also what I wrote on my mirror to say to myself for many years.)
Ok well, I love you guys!